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In App SMS and e-Mailing

Complete Student Record

e-Payment System

Smart Grading

Paperless Solution

Performance Analysis

The Best School Management System Provider

Real Time Tracking

Keep track of your academic performance from inception. Measure academic progress levels by leveraging real time analytics and reports of your own performance over a given period

Error Reductions

Reduce errors, increase accuracy, save time and energy by eliminating the manual processing of Student's grades. Automatically compute scores and easily generate reports

Smart Messaging

School Admin can send messages on the go to an unlimited number of recipients on the portal. All stake-holders can enjoy prompt access to school's updates and stay abreast of every new development, as information flow becomes seamless

Improved scores computation

Teachers can enter scores offline, download score-sheets, update scores offline and upload same afterwards to the portal at anytime. This eliminates the fear of internet interruption and improves score-entry flexibility.

Track your Wards Performance Level

Keep track on your Ward's academic performance, use graphical reports and analytics to stay informed about Ward's academic strengths and weaknesses

Effective Cost Reduction

Reduce cost and raise financial efficiency by lowering the demands of frequent paper work, maximizing the reduction of people dependent processes.


Accomplish much more with just one click

Statistical Analysis

Analysis of students’ academic performance in graphical representation is integrated in this school management system. Academic performances are effortlessly analyzed, graphed and reported to provide real time intelligence that all users can understand.

In App SMS and Email Messaging System

Information such as News and events, Results and Bills, and timely updates on all new developments in the school are disseminated via SMS, Email services and the e-Notice board.

Training And Support

In order to enjoy the functionalities of the modules on Portal, We offers a range of training for all portal stakeholders specifically designed to help use our Portal to drive the school’s web improvement.

Smart Grading

Keeping track, and calculating each student grade is a tedious task. Automatically design and compute students’ grades and results with optimized speed and accuracy in report generation.

What we do

Thinking visually from the start, and working together, we balance strategy, creativity and technology to create a beautiful online presence for your school

We Train

We Train

Having a moment with our training experts, you will surely go home having a good grasp of the workings, benefits and how you can achieve even more with a school management system.

We Support

We Support

With our professional customer support team, be rest assured, we are more than happy to assist you at anytime! Our support team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

We Design

We Design

With extensive technical knowledge and unrivalled experience in designing for education, we can recommend the right solution for any school website design.

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